Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out


We shall file this record along with side B of Family Man under the title of experimental Flag. It's all instrumental and fairly slow as with most of the band's later recordings, yet it is still better than most of the shit that is released today(and most of Black Flag's later discog as well, I said it). It plays more like a 30 minute long jam session, and sounds a lot like they had been listening to only Minutemen records before they went into the studio(nothing wrong with that of course). The title apparently has several meanings: one take on it was that Gregg Gin really enjoyed his weed...and who can blame him, the other being that they were trying to even more so alienate their fans who didn't care for the experimental nature that the band was taking. This is definitely Black Flag Mk. 2.

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