Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amebix Redux

Who's The Enemy

No Sanctuary

Other than being one of the first bands to really develop the crust punk sound, and the fact that their guitar player went schizo in an airport, and the fact that they really don't seem to care for our lord and savior jesus christ, Amebix happen to be one of my favorite bands. Who's the Enemy('82) and No Sanctuary('84) are the bands first two releases, and like the Winter EP, really have more in common with the likes of Joy Division and Killing Joke than their later, more metal tinged, full lengths. I believe that Jello Biafra re-released No Sanctuary on his label fairly recently as a full length with both of these EP's and the Winter EP, BUT THIS ISN'T IT.

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  1. ya i picked up both of the AT reissues not to long ago. not as cool as having originals but i'm still glad to own them... and fuck AT!