Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Deutschland's Doomed

Deutschland's DOOMed Vol.1" compilation feat. 60 bands

Arktika, B.abuse, Bad Luck Rides On Wheels, Beehoover, Black Autumn, Black Mood, Black Shape Of Nexus, BLCKWVS, Calliophis, Carambolage, Celestial Navigator, Crowskin, Distant, Doom Division, Doomshine, Down On Knees I´m Weak, Dreaming, Dust, Earth Flight, Enojado, Extorian, GeminiOne, Golden Gorilla, Grief Of God, Head Of The Taurus, Hellamor, Hen:ge, Hiam, Holy Hydra, I The Unlord, Kodiak, °Laube, Mills of God, Mirror of Deception, Mountain Witch, No Hope, Onde Sphérique , Ophis, PainForged, Petrified, Radare, Seamount, Sinistra, Slob, Sonic Booze Machine, Spancer, Spirit Descent, Tephra, The Last Supper, Tortured Spirit, Union Of Sleep, Versus The Stillborn-Minded, Voltron, Voodooshock, Wall, Warped Cross, Whalerider, Wheel, Wight, Woburn House



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